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Sunday, 5 June 2011

A young poet-Brucewayne

Another poem. Again, it is written by Brucewayne. The poem is named, Poem 95 Red Wine??  I asked him why put question mark behind the title. And, he replied, it's a trick, my trick, mind games, for you guys to think. Lolx. He told me that people thought he drinking wine when writing this poem and actually he is not. Wow~ really high imagination : ) pro man.

A glass of red liquid is-

ready pungently by an irresistible-
angelic being.

Whilst i taste it with my enormous-
empty black hole,my soul is swayed-
as every sip of it camouflages the-
icy-heart of mine.

A bolt from the blue, a rising -
crescendo of woe is heard,the glass-
is dropped.

The drops of the liquid bury-
the land of rapture with shed blood .

Now,I'm standing tremblingly whilst she is once-
again on the verge of being the phantom of atrocity.

Out of the blue,a dome of hazy gold shines on me.
A wild inspiration sparkles through my eye.With no-
descriptions, it incites the wild fire of shielding her-
from the dark souls.

With a brave heart, i pick up the glass fragments and-
thrust it into my heart as i'm zeroing in on the target-
of paving the way for revitalising her shattering soul.

Blood gushes out will no full stop;
it washes her to the point of-
salvation and the land of eternal tranquility-
is formed once again.

Albeit my body is lifeless,my soul will emerge-
to her as an anonymous watchful protector perpetually-
with no assumption.

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