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Friday, 3 June 2011

A young poet?

I would like to share a poem that I like. It is written by Brucewayne. Nice descriptions. He written a lot of poems in his Facebook' note.  He has a high imagination and good vocabulary.
He told me that he wants to give up on writing poems because no one appreciate it. Don't give up, guy. You may be a famous poet next time. : )

Here is the poem I like. (Poem 95 A chocolate cake for lee yong yong)

Whilst i'm having a cup of tea-
that is made sophisticatedly,without-
raising my eyebrows, an affectionate-
angelic being comes to me with a dark-
brown cake.

"No body,no body but you".I say to her-

Out of the blue,when i taste it with my enormous-
black whole,the zest of it heals my shattering soul
and make it a better one.

"No body,no body but you."
 I say:" No body,no body but you."

The irresistible flavour which is-
added by her brings me to a whole new world-
where i can feel the love tonight.

Nice right? : )
Wanna read other poems written by him? Check it out in his Facebook (Brucewayne Ccy)

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