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Monday, 6 June 2011


Hi guy, 端午节快乐 (duan wu jie kuai le) .
What is 端午节 (duan wu jie) ? Actually I don't know the name in English.
So, Google~
It is called Dragon Boat Festival.
Happy Dragon Boat Festival everyone. : D

Yesterday night, my family and I went back to Grandma's house to celebrate this festival. No big celebration. Just have a dinner together. At the night, we camwhore a lot. The "we" refer to me, my lil sis& my cousin. HaHa. The elder one are all chatting in the living room.

Here is some of the pic.

                                                my lil sis & the cutie
                                                  : P cutie cousin
                                                  What you looking at?

She said : I want to show you my tongue. C(- :


                                          Ghostly face + cutie face
                                                    Peace <-.->

Lastly, again we wish you all have a Happy Dragon Boat Festival. : )

And... And... And... She want to give you a kiss goodbye. HaHa


  1. HAHAHA! you cousins are so cute :D

    clicked Nuffnang for you! :P

  2. These photos are sooo gorgeous! Awww cute! :)


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