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Monday, 13 June 2011

I will start to have a relationship with you, Chemistry

O.M.G.  Three chemistry periods today. I felt so sleepy during that three periods. Teacher seem like hypnotize me. I take out my sweet and ate it. : X  Teacher sure knew that I'm eating sweet because she is standing beside me and teaching. I don't really like Chemistry. It's killing me. A lot of formula need to memorize. A lot of things that I need to know and understand it. I told my best friend, CH that I hate Chemistry. She advised me that if I keep on say I don't like Chemistry, at the end I will still don't like it and results will not be good. Yea, you are right, friend. I should start to like Chemistry and work very hard on it. I will not get 8/30 marks for the next assessment. Today, teacher asked me to do a question on the white board. Actually, I didn't know how to do it but with the guidance of CH and teacher, I able to answer the question even though I got the wrong answer. : X At least I know the working steps. : )

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