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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Happy Birthday Shin Yi

Ugh... I want to upload some photos in my camera. But don't know since when my camera's memory card contain virus. So, I unable to upload photos via camera's USB. I have to take the photos one by one using mobile phone and then upload to here ( Photos quality not good, sorry). Luckily some of the photos I took using phone. ( Photos look better : ) )
I'm blogging about the birthday's celebration I attended yesterday. : )Today is my friend, Shin Yi's birthday but we celebrate her birthday yesterday.
School end at about 1.00 p.m yesterday and I reached home at 1.15p.m. . I quickly rush to buy a present for Shin Yi. I bought a red angry bird for her. Hope she will like it. After that, I went home to have a bath then went to fetch my friends, Siew Yen, Suk Chyi & Xue Yu. Four of us together went to a bakeshop to buy a birthday cake. We went to Hei Huang Tornado Cafe to celebrate her birthday.

I like the bicycle. : )
Hei Huang's surrounding.

The birthday girl, Shin Yi : )

8 of us attended her birthday party : )

Lighting up the candles

Singing birthday's song for her : )
Cutting the cake

We gave her the biggest piece of cake. : D

European Blended Chocolate I ordered
Curry Q Mee : )
Cute fish ball piece found in the porridge ordered by Jeanne
The cute girl, Jeanne : )
After celebration, six of us including the birthday girl rush to the tuition which start at 4.30p.m.. : )

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