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Thursday, 9 June 2011

9th of June 2011

Ugh, do my schoolworks till frustrated. It is so hard. Especially the Mathematics. I need tutorial. I need exercises. I need time. Exam is on July. Needs to brush up all the subjects before the exam.

Just now my cousin came to my house. He made something that is funny. Let me tell you about what he did. As you know that I set my own photo as my laptop's background. When he saw the photo, he put his little hand on his cheek. Lol. he is copying what I did. I laughed. He followed my laughing. HaHa. He usually not laughing like that. 

                                     Camwhored with him just now. 

By the way, anyone know the best way of "kill off" the blackhead on the face? It always grow on my nose and it is really piss off.

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