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Saturday, 18 June 2011


I'm officially 18 now. : ) At school, my friends sang birthday song for me in Korean and Cantonese language. It is the first time I hear birthday song in Korean language. Thanks Jing Han & Siew Yen for sing the song for me. The funny thing is they sang when we are in the toilet. Lol. Suffered from stomachache and back pain when in the school. Haiz. Straight away have Panadol after went back home and have a 20 minutes nap. After that, I celebrated my birthday with friends at Bread Forest. It is my first time to have meal at there. Somehow, I dislike the food there. I ordered the spaghetti. I forgot it's name. It taste so bad. : X . I didn't finished it. But my sis said the chicken chop there is nice. Anyway, gonna try my sis home-cook spaghetti.

Presents from friends. : )

Greeting Card from Shin Yi. : D

Present from CK. : )

At night, I celebrated my birthday with my family at grandma's house. It was fun. I laughed and talked till "sexy" voice come out from my mouth.

Hello Kitty is holding Malaysia's flag and book. Yea, I'm Malaysian and I'm student. : )

Lovely mummy

Lolz. Kissing?

HaHa. i like this photo so much. : P

with lil sis
With pretty eldest sis

A soccer ball lover.
HaHa. XD. How bad am I.  Sorry for doing that : X

Again, thanks for the wishes, presents and celebration : )
Alright, it is 2.22 a.m. now. Need go to bed now. : D . Brain not functioning well ready, damn sleepy.


  1. Aw what awesome presents :) Happy 18th birthday lovely girl :)

  2. haha~wlc~~want hear somemore haha????

  3. Yea.: ). Thanks JelenaDoll : )

    han, Yup, korean birthday song is nice,haha : )

  4. Happy birthday :) is that the legal age in Malaysia?

  5. seem like u was enjoyed u big big day~=)~sorry for din give u a presnt~=P~ahahaha

  6. HaHa. Yea. : ) It's okay..:D

  7. Hi!
    Thanks for following my blog. Lovely pictures and Happy Birthday!

  8. Hi Nancy : )
    Welcome and thanks : D


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