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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Playable strings

Hello guy. : ) Do you notice the Google homepage. There is a Google Doodle Logo. The playable guitar strings. You can strum away at the strings on the computer and create your own unique music. I on and off the Google and now I just realize it is playable. I keep on strummed at the strings. Lol.
The Google is celebrating the 96th anniversary of guitar legend, Les Paul's birth. Although Les Paul was a jazz musician, his name is synonymous with rock'n' roll.
Michael Hann picks his three favourite electric guitars which is Gibson Explorer, Gretsch 6120 and Fender Telecaster.


  1. Me and my boyfriend went on goggle and we couldn't stop playing with it! It was so awesome (:

  2. HaHa. Yea. Nice to play. : )


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