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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sports Day

It is my first time I woke up early on Sunday. I prepared to attend my primary school's sports day (Chung Cheng). I went together with my sis who is the teacher of the school. She have to work on the sports day. I went there to take pictures and have fun with those students and teachers. I met teachers who taught me when I study at the school. I'm happy that one of them still remember me. Lol. I have been leave school for 5 years.
Here is a lot of photos. Do patiently have a look. : P

The marching band of Chung Cheng school
Boy scouts
Girl Guide
School Youth Cadet
Green Team
Yellow Team
Red Team
Blue Team
That teacher's cap look special. With eye and tooth.
Delegate to make a vow
Boy scouts who help on the sports day
High jump
Nice pose : )

The Malaysia flag & The state's flag
The lil girl who wearing red shorts is my cousin. She got the 3rd prize in the competition. Congratulation. : D
The participants. 
One of the competitions.

He took part in many competition on the sports day.
The invitation competition between schools.
He run really fast. 

I'm having sore throat now after ate the chicken nugget I bought from the stall beside the road. Haiz. 


  1. Sorry for the late reply. The yellow dish is pumpkin soup, I didnt think it looked appetizing but thanks :)

  2. It's ok. : ) Oh I see. Welcome : D


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